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Plastic injection mold is called as ‘basic of industrial’, and IT IS! With development of the CAD/CAE/CAM in software & hardware, it requests much more than steel cutting to make a good injection mold. That’s why we choose this industrial to make it success.

To deliver a good quality injection mold to our customer worldwide is our task and strategy of the company.

Not only good machining, but also (more important) easy using to produce high quality plastic parts.

Meanwhile, to shorten development timeline of the mold itself will bring successful to our customer to save time and cost.

Start from May 2011, we build the injection mold to our worldwide customers, especially for the component around the engine, like cylinder head cover, intake manifold, water pump, oil pam & filter, air filter etc. and becomes the leading of this industrial.

Quality FIRST & lean production is the key to success and becomes to our company’s motto.

Through daily process optimization and lesson & learn, we’re create our own technology & experience about tool making and keep it to be improved.

Not only a steel cutter, but also provide smart solution till further production.