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Less part weight is important for the energy consumption, most of the cylinder head cover part is made by plastic (PA66+GF) from initial material (aluminum or steel).

But the part is so important for the engine function such as - air flow & sealing, and there’s lot of features for assembly with child parts, requirement of the part quality is very high.

We need consider filling, venting, warpage of the part itself, and cycle time of the tool. It’s always tricky to build this kind of mold. Mold flow analythis kind of part is necessary, and very important for tool making, to shorten lead time of the tool development. And this is the core competition of BELLE mold after long time working with our top-level worldwide customers. 


The same reason as CHC part, most of the AIM parts are built with plastic (PA6+GF), to reduce part weight, and save energy consumption.

Tool construction of AIM part is very complicated with multi slider movement, hydraulic cylinder sliders, and rotation cores.

The tool design must be very robust to ensure proper tool function, and cooling of the tools is another important point need to be considered & made. to produce good quality parts, and maintain in the whole tool life time.


You’ll need mold some component with very high mold temperature up to 160 degree, such as PPA+GF, PA6T/I+GF, PPS+GF, etc.,

The design & machining of the tool is extremely high, so it can run properly under such high mold temperature. And some other details like insolation of complete mold to avoid heat transfer from the tool, and protection of all tressflon pipes to avoid worker injury out of high temperature.

The mold temperature can be driven up to 160 degree with high pressure water but need to be handled very carefully. 


Due to part design issue, we have to consider over-molding otherwise it’s not feasible for tooling. The 1st component will be carried into 2nd station by robot hand, and then finish the part.

Both of the material is PA6+GF with excellent finish.

Over-molding with thread inserts or other metal parts is also popular in our tools.